To say that Disney, officially known as the Walt Disney Company, is a diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate is an understatement. Disney is the epitome of imagination, creativity, hopes and dreams.

The various Disney theme parks account for 30% of the top 20 destinations visited around the world. The Mickey Mouse ears is one of the most recognized icons around the world. The success of imagination and dreaming through Walt Disney World inspired the creation of a Disney theme park in Europe and three Disney theme parks in Asia.

Disney dreaming and imagination occurs through the 11 theme parks around the world, Disney animated and family friendly movies, the Disney channel, Disney Vacation Club, and Disney Cruises. At 52 billion, Disney is the most licensed merchandise globally and eclipses number 2 by more than double.

Disney is possibly the most influential cultural phenomenon in the world creating new dreams for princesses and heroes every year. Walt Disney World really is the “Happiest Place on Earth.”