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South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park is located in the southern region of the Luangwa River Valley.  It was originally created as a game reserve in 1938 before receiving the national park status in 1972.

South Luangwa boundaries extend 3,492 square miles (9,050 sq km) along the Luangwa River valley including two different woodland savannah ecosystems.  One includes the Soutern Miombo woodlands accounting for the northern slopes.  The valley features Zambezian and Mopane woodlands.

You are iinvited to discover and learn more about South Luangwa National Park and what makes it one of the Seven Wonders of Zambia.

What makes South Luangwa National Park one of the Seven Wonders of Zambia?

Statistically speaking, South Luangwa is most notably recognized for the abundance of wildlife.  Specifically speaking, the park is famous for the abundant herds of giraffe, elephant, buffalo, crocodile and hippopotamus.  This wildlife haven provides travelers with one of the largest concentration of animals in Africa.

The presence of lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, crocodile and hippo mean that six of the Big Seven are accounted for leaving only the rhino absent.  South Luangwa National Park is home to over 60 different animal species and over 400 different species of birds.  It is considered a bird lovers paradise year round with almost 40 species of predator birds.

What are the best ways to see and experience South Luangwa National Park?

There are a variety of ways to see and experience South Luangwa National Park.  The wildlife is the primary reason that visitors come to South Luangwa and game drives are the best way to see and experience the abundance of wildlife the park has to offer.

What is South Luangwa National Park weather like?

The best time to visit South Luangwa national park is during the dry season which runs from June through October.  The daytime temperatures can get rather hot during these months.  The temperatures range during these months from 78oF (26oC) to 100oF (40oC).  October tends to be the warmest of these months.

When is the best time to visit South Luangwa National Park?

The best time to visit Lower Zambezi National Park is during the dry season months of May through October.  Mid-July, August and September are probably the best.  September and October are the best months for wildlife viewing.  The lack of rains combined with heat means that the majority of water holes have dried up.  This brings the concentration of wildlife together near the remaining water holes.

November through March is the heart of the rainy season.  This brings the largest collection of birds who are interested in the new flora and blossoming flowers.

How do you get to South Luangwa National Park?

Internationally speaking, the majority of travelers will be flying to Lusaka, Capital of Zambia, and catching a local charter service.  Proflight Zambia is the only domestic service apart from charters flying into the airport.  Mfuwe Airport has received international status.  Currently, airlines from other countries are evaluating what service they would like to provide to South Luangwa.

It is possible to drive from Lusaka and other cities in Zambia, but travelers should leverage 4×4 vehicles.  A 4×4 should be expected with some roads inaccessible during the rainy season.

Photography Tips for capturing South Luangwa National Park

Photography in South Luangwa National Park represents typical safari and wildlife photography challenges.  As the sun rises, you will be fighting shadows as you photograph the animals of the park.  A telephoto or zoom lens will be your expected lens of choice.  Although it is possible to get too close to animals rendering a long lens irrelevant.

Further tips and insights will be added as experienced or discovered.  If you are a photographer and have insights to share for future photographers visiting South Luangwa National Park, please submit them to Seven Wonders through the Contact Page.