Stroke, feel, handle, finger, hold, caress, hug, fondle, grip, squeeze, rub, embrace, and snuggle are all part of the wonder of touch.  Touching is a wonder for the skin, the body, and our appendages.

This sense is short changed when we tie it to the “touch” screen devices of today; there are so many more blessings to discover.  To touch or be touched may top the list.  Read on and discover the wonder of touch.

Touching as a Wonder of Mankind?

A hug, a massage, a caress, or simply holding hands makes most people melt away.  Science tells us that healthy baby and human development is attached to regular parental touch.  There would be such a void without the soft fur of a pet, a soft cuddly blanket, or the precious laughter from a tickle fest with the kids.  There is little more precious than experiencing the touch of a new baby lying on the chest of mom or dad.

Touching lets us know when things are hot or cold and warns us of things are too extreme.  It empowers people with the ability to play musical instruments, navigate keyboards, and other mechanical devices.  Butterfly kisses, nibbling on an ear, running fingers through hair, and the simple embrace of two lips kissing all mean something more because of the wonder of touch.

The wonder of hearing can also be protective or provide warning.  This wonder lets someone hear an intruder, hear an accident in the kitchen, or hear something approaching in the woods.  It allows us to hear a call for help or a crying baby in need.  The wonder of hearing saves lives.

Wonder of Mankind Contest Questions

What would you miss the most if you lost the wonder of touch, if you could no longer experience the wonder of touching and feeling?  Is touching the best wonder of mankind?  Here is the challenge.  Answer these two questions?  1) Which of the Seven Wonders of Mankind is the best?  2) Are these wonders Blessings from God  or  Treats from Mother Nature?

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