A wonder for aromas, odors, scents, perfumes, fragrances, and bouquets.  This wonder is all about sniffing, whiffing, or smelling the scents of life.

There is so much more to life than the “new car” smell.  The gift of smelling newly cut grass, freshly popped and buttered popcorn, or a simmering cup of coffee is hard to deny.  What about when your spouse curls up next to you with the fragrance of spring in their hair following a shower or a new sweet perfume or cologne.  The first thing you do with a new bouquet of flowers is to take in a breath of air.

Smelling as a Wonder of Mankind?

What would mornings be like with out the wonder of smelling?  The smell of freshly brewed coffee, bacon on the skillet, and syrup on your french toast is hard to beat.  What we smell sometimes tells us that we are home or in the presence of those that mean the most to us.  The fragrances of life make living so much more pleasant.  Of course their are smells we want to avoid link stinky socks or molding food, but we tolerate these knowing that we can take in the fresh spring air, the fragrances surrounding our loved ones, and the various bouquets of life.

The aromas and fragrances that come with every day living make that living so much better.  Smelling actually complements and provides enhancements to the wonder of taste.

Smelling also lets us know that something is not right in the air.  A baby’s diaper, spoiled food, or something in the field calling for us to watch our step.  The wonder of smelling helps us avoid mistakes or take action to correct a current situation.

Wonder of Mankind Questions

What would you miss the most if you lost the wonder of scents, if you could no longer experience the wonder of smelling?  Is smelling the best wonder of mankind?  Here is the challenge.  Answer these two questions?  1) Which of the Seven Wonders of Mankind is the best?  2) Are these wonders Blessings from God  or  Treats from Mother Nature?

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