A wonder of seeing, sighting, viewing, looking, spotting, watching, observing, glancing, staring, gazing, and spectating.  In other words, this wonder is all about sight, vision, eyesight, the view or what you see.

Another blessing comes from the ability to see. The eyes give way to see the beauty of the world. The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Aurora lights are just some of the majestic wonders they can truly be appreciated because of our vision.  Seeing a rainbow after a heavy rain, picking images out of the clouds in the sky, watching the sunset after a long day are all blessings from our sight.

Seeing as a Wonder of Mankind?

What about looking into the eyes of your first girlfriend, watching the birth of your baby, or seeing your child take their first steps.  Seeing lets you gaze upon the arts where you ponder the point of a particular painting, engage in the action of a suspenseful movie, or see the vibrancy and excitement of a live stage performance.  Seeing lets you enjoy your children’s sporting activities, take America’s pastime at the ballpark, or watch your favorite sports teams as they pursue the national or world title.

Seeing adds so much to life.  Seven Wonders showcases the wonders of the world.  Without sight, how would you be able to experience these wonders?

Wonder of Mankind Questions

What would you miss the most if you lost the wonder of sight, if you could no longer experience the wonder of seeing?  Is seeing the best wonder of mankind?  Here is the challenge.  Answer these two questions?  1) Which of the Seven Wonders of Mankind is the best?  2) Are these wonders Blessings from God  or  Treats from Mother Nature?

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