Lena Rock Pillars

The Lena Pillars are the highlight of the Lena Pillars National Park.  The Nature Park is located approximately 111 miles (180 km) southwest of the city of Yakutsk.  Various patches of pillars are scattered across almost 50 miles (80 km) of the right bank of the Lena River.

The Lena Pillars Nature Park encompasses 3,138,238 acres (1.27 million hectares) of pristine wilderness.

The Lena Pillars were declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Russia on June 11, 2014.  Visitors and potential travelers should discover and learn more about what makes the Lena Pillars one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Russia.

What makes the Lena Pillars a natural wonder of Russia?

Statistically speaking, the Lena Pillars provide one of the most unique rock formations in all of Russia and even Europe.  Some of the pillars reach a height of 328 feet (100 m).  The cryogenically altered rock formations are the most renowned and unique pillar landscapes of their kind.

Aesthetically speaking, the Lena Pillars provide one of the most aesthetically beautiful scenes.  The pillars line the river bank with their jagged and broken features, creating a truly wonderful picturesque view.  The Lena Pillars also have the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The area is home to sable, brown bear, elk, musk deer, reindeer, and other small creatures like the chipmunk and squirrel.  There are over 100 bird species calling the Lena Pillar area home.

What are the best ways to see and experience the Lena Pillars?

The Lena Pillars can be seen from the shores, but one of the better views come from the river aboard one of the river cruises.  The best view comes from a helicopter tour over the river and the various Lena Pillars.

Rafting tours is another adventurous way to experience the pillars.  This provides up close views, will also allowing visitors to stair up at the pillars and truly grasp their size and splendor.

What is the Lena Pillar National Park weather like?

The Lena River National Park area has one of the greatest variations of weather.  The winter months can get as cold as -76oF (-60oC) with the summer months getting as hot as 95oF (35oC).  The average temperatures during the months will range from 68 to 85oF (20 to 26oC).  Because of the northern proximity of the Lena River, winter temperatures can get well below freezing, particularly on the northern parts of the river.

When is the best time to visit the Lena Pillars?

The summer months of July through August are the best months to visit the Lena Pillars.  The northern region gets cold in the winter and cruising and rafting are not really an option.

How do you get to the Lena Pillars?

Travelers can access Lena Pillars National Park by car or bus, or take a boat to the town of Povrovsk.  The main office for the national park is located here.  There are limited to no amenities or tourism services in the area.  Taking a river cruise along the Lena River is the best way to get to the Lena Pillars.

Photography Tips for capturing the Lena Pillars

There are no specific insights or tips for photography at the Lena Pillars at this time.  Tips and insights will be added as experienced or discovered.  If you are a photographer and have insights to share for future photographers visiting the Lena Pillars, please submit them to Seven Wonders through the Contact Page.

Photography Credits

All aerial photography credit goes to Atlas of Wonders.  These and other images of the Lena Pillars may be found atAtlas of Wonders.