Imagining or Dreaming

A wonder of imagination and dreams.  It is a wonder of the mind, the brain, dreams, thoughts, ideas.  This wonder represents creativity, innovation, ingenuity, philosophy, discovery and inventiveness.

Where would we be without this wonder?  Hopes and dreams guide our lives with imagination giving them color.  As we read a book or listen to a story our imagination brings it to life.  Remember sitting on the floor playing with dolls, trains, Legos along with dreaming of who you could be?  What about rocking your baby to sleep as you think about what his or her life will be like – dreaming of sports, the arts, work and more.  What a gift to be able to dream or imagine about what could be and how to get there.

Imagining or Dreaming as a Wonder of Mankind?

Imagination leads to innovations and discoveries.  It opens the doors to possibilities and creates the opportunities for advancements in science, medicine, technology, and so much more.  Imagining and dreaming brings the arts alive.  After reading a good book, seeing an exciting movie, or following a dramatic TV series, do you ever just stop and imagine what it would be like if that was you?

The Wonderful World of Walt Disney is probably the epitome of imagination.  There is hardly a child that does not dream or imagine themselves in the world of Disney.  It is a place of dreams and memories.

Imagine a world without dreaming or imagination.  Would we have the telephone, the computer, the ability to fly or drive, play video games, watch movies, or even read a good book.  The discoveries and achievements throughout this world are all grounded in imagination and dreaming.

Wonder of Mankind Contest Questions

What would you miss the most if you lost the wonder of imagination, if you could no longer experience the wonder of dreaming?  Is dreaming or imagination the best wonder of mankind?  Here is the challenge.  Answer these two questions?  1) Which of the Seven Wonders of Mankind is the best?  2) Are these wonders Blessings from God  or  Treats from Mother Nature?

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