Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that represent rapidly rotating storm systems.  These massive storm systems feature low-pressure centers, high winds, and a spiraling collection of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain.  Hurricanes can be referred to as typhoons, tropical storms, cyclonic storms, tropical depressions or cyclone.

Hurricanes frequently expand between 62 to 2, 485 miles (100 to 4,000 km) in diameter.  It is officially a hurricane when wind speeds reach 75 mph (120 km).  The largest hurricane title belongs to Typhoon Tip in 1979, which reach wind speeds of 190 mph, pressure at 26 inHg, and 1,350 miles in diameter.  The actual fastest wind speed belongs to Typhoon Keith and Hurricane Allen that topped just over the 190mph mark.

The 1970 Bhola Cyclone earns the distinction of being the deadliest hurricane killing more than 300,000 people in Bangladesh.  Hurricane Katrina holds the distinction of being the costliest hurricane worldwide leaving behind 81.2 billion in property damage.