A wonder of passions, feelings, excitements, desires, sentiments, romance.  This is a wonder of sharing emotions, expressing feelings, and receiving sentiments.

Feelings or emotions could easily top the list for the wonders of mankind.  Sadness, anger, or fear are emotions we often want to avoid, but they help us recognize things we want to change and give us insights into who we are as mankind.  We gladly accept these emotions when we know that we can also experience joy, happiness, excitement, and above all love.

Feeling as a Wonder of Mankind?

Our emotions make life so much more enjoyable.  Just think about how you felt during your first date, your wedding, the first kiss, the birth of your baby, or holding your grandchild for the first time.  Giving true love is one of the greatest gifts and blessings we can share with one another.

What about the fear generated during a scary movie, the elation with birthday celebrations, the anticipation of Santa visiting during the night, or the happiness of sharing life with someone special.  Where would we be without the wonder of emotions?

The wonder of feelings and emotions extends beyond the joy and happiness that we all seek.  Anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, excitement, elation, passion, and love are just some of the array of emotions that guide are daily lives.  Emotions let us know when things are good or bad, safe or sound, or to stay the course versus changing direction.

Wonder of Mankind Contest Questions

What would you miss the most if you lost the wonder of emotions, if you could no longer experience the wonder of feeling?  Is feeling and emotions the best wonder of mankind?  Here is the challenge.  Answer these two questions?  1) Which of the Seven Wonders of Mankind is the best?  2) Are these wonders Blessings from God  or  Treats from Mother Nature?

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