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Welcome to Seven Wonders, the official record for the Seven Wonders of the World. The mission of Seven Wonders is to engage individuals with the wonders of the world with the intention of fostering an awareness and appreciation of their value to the world. Ideally, individuals, communities, businesses, and corporations will take steps to promote and protect the various wonders of the world.

Voting on the Seven Wonders

You are invited to vote on any and on as many campaigns where you have interest. Click on a continent menu tab listed across the top of the site. This will give you access to every wonder campaign occurring at this time. You can vote on one country, every country, or any combination.

Please note: You are only allowed to VOTE ONCE on any given campaign. You are voting for the BEST WONDER in that campaign and only making ONE selection. Make sure you pick the best one before submitting your vote. Special recognition will be extended to the wonder winner that tops the list of seven.

If you believe a wonder candidate is missing, you are invited to submit a wonder recommendation through the nomination page.