Seven Wonders of Mankind

The Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon or Great Barrier Reef are noted wonders, but are they the best wonders in the world?  What are the best Seven Wonders of the World?  Should they be man-made or natural or a combination of the two.

Discover and Explore: You are invited to discover and explore the real Seven Wonders of the World.

Contest Questions:

1) Are these blessings from God or treats of mother nature?
2) Which is your favorite or the best?
3) If you had to give up one which would it be and why?

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A wonder of hearing and listening.  It is a wonder of sound: hum, echo, thud, crash, jingle, swish, clatter, crunch, boom, jangle, clank, and splash.  It is a wonder of laughter, singing, talking, whistling, humming, whispering, crying.

A wonder of seeing, sighting, viewing, looking, spotting, watching, observing, glancing, staring, gazing, and spectating.  In other words, this wonder is all about sight, vision, eyesight, the view or what you see.

A wonder for aromas, odors, scents, perfumes, fragrances, and bouquets.  This wonder is all about sniffing, whiffing, or smelling the scents of life.

A wonder of tasting.  It is a wonder of consumption: Mexican, Thai, Greek, Italian, Chinese, or Indian food.  It is a wonder of tasting: ginger, cinnamon, basil, curry, salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, cumin, nutmeg, etc.   Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, dessert, tea, coffee are just the common times that the wonder of tasting comes alive.

Stroke, feel, handle, finger, hold, caress, hug, fondle, grip, squeeze, rub, embrace, and snuggle are all part of the wonder of touch.  Touching is a wonder for the skin, the body, and our appendages.

A wonder of passions, feelings, excitements, desires, sentiments, romance. This is a wonder of sharing emotions, expressing feelings, and receiving sentiments.

A wonder of imagination and dreams. It is a wonder of the mind, the brain, dreams, thoughts, ideas. This wonder represents creativity, innovation, ingenuity, philosophy, discovery and inventiveness.