Seven Wonders of Cities

On 07-07-14, Seven Wonders declared the winners for the Seven Wonders of Cities.  You are invited to discover and explore these amazing cities.  Each of these cities is iconic in nature, each represents one of the best tourism destinations in the world, and each truly is a Wonder City.

The Seven Wonders of Cities is an annual declaration of the best city tourism destinations in the world.  The first collection of winning cities drew upon a variety of statistical factors, tavel polls, iconic landmark representation and a few other characteristics.

The city winners for 2014 have the distinction of receiving the first every "Wonder City" declaration.  Voting for the Wonder Cities of 2015 starts today, so after discovering the winners of 2014 take a moment and make your voice known with a vote for 2015.

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  • New York City
  • London
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Istanbul
  • Bangkok


New York City was founded in 1624 and was originally named New Amsterdam.  The name changed in 1664 when the city fell under English control with the city serving as the capital of the United States between 1785 and 1790.

The city is frequently referred to as New York, New York or by the acronym NYC.  More affectionate nicknames of the city include:

    • The Big Apple
    • City of Dreams
    • City of Lights
    • Concrete Jungle
    • City that Never Sleeps

It is a city that greatly influences culture, technology, commerce, finance, media, arts, fashion, sports, education, entertainment and research.

New York City
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London was founded by the Romans, and was given the name Londinium.  The name London started serving as the name in the 19 th century.  It is the capital city of England and the entire United Kingdom.

The city of London is located in the southeastern part of England.  It sits on the Thames River.

London, like New York, It is a city that possesses tremendous amounts of influence in various industries including: culture, technology, commerce, finance, media, arts, fashion, sports, education, entertainment and research.

London Characteristics

Since 1889, “London” has collectively stood for the city, the County of London

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Rio de Janeiro is frequently just called Rio.   The Portuguese founded the city in 1565.  The settlers thought the bay as the mouth of a river and named the city accordingly.  Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese means “January River.”

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest metropolis in the entire continent.  The city serves as the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro.  It was the capitol of the country until 1960.

Rio de Janeiro Characteristics

Rio de Janeiro is located on the Southeastern coast of Brazil.  The region is mountainous with

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The first inhabitants of the city are dated back to 7500 BC.  Then name “Paris” comes from the historical residential Celtic tribe group known as the Parisii, with the early name being Lutetia of the Parisii or Lutetia for short.  Julian the Apostate renamed the city to Paris in the early 360s.

Paris is located just north of the center of the country on the Seine river.  The city sprawls widely on both sides of the river.  It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Paris witnesses approximately 28 million tourists annually making it the third

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Captain Arthur Phillip founded Sydney in 1788 at Sydney Cover as the original British territory within the Australian continent boundaries.  No other iconic or wonder city can claim their origins as a penal colony.

Although not the closest city to the International Date Line, Sydney is the city the world turns to first to see how the date, day, or New Year is going to start.  The city represents the start of the day.

Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia near the Tasman Sea and serves as the state capital of New South Wales.

Australia is a

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The original name of the city was Byzantium dating back to 660 BC.  The name Istanbul, which translates “to the city,” was officially adopted in 1930.

Istanbul is located in the northwestern park of Turkey extending across 2,063 square miles (5,343 sq km).  It is the 5 th most popular tourist destination in the world based on foreign visitors to the city.

There are over 11 million annual visitors to Istanbul making it the fifth most popular destination.

Istanbul is one of the most strategically located cities in the world serving as a gateway to Europe from Asia and to

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The city of Bangkok dates back to the early fifteenth century with the origins serving as a village on the bank of the Chao Phraya River.  The origins of the name are uncertain with the leading theory that it derived from the Thai word Bang which means “ a village situated on a stream ,” and the Thai word Ko meaning “ island .”

Bangkok extends across 605.7 square miles (1,568 sq km) near the Chao Phraya River delta.

Bangkok is a premier city destination receiving the distinction of being the world’s most visited city by MasterCard’s Global Destination index.  It has also received

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